The Fidden Farm Story

A family business since 1952

Fidden Farm has been run by our family since 1952 starting off with Callum & Ena running a B&B from the Farmhouse Enas guests enjoyed her hospitality and farmers wife comforting meals so much the word soon spread of the beauty of Fidden Farm & its white sand beaches. Walkers would arrive in the summer months hoping to pitch a tent on the shoreline, so a field was set out for this purpose with just a single drinking water tap available to them & the open nature of the place, it gradually became more and more popular, still to this day we welcome campers returning every year without fail since the beginning, sharing it with the next generation of their families. In 1988 Fidden was handed down to Jimmy & Christine, the 2nd generation, with a lot of hard work & time it has gone from strength to strength with growing numbers of people wishing to camp, they have updated facilities and kept the farm land and beaches spotless for all their visitors to share and enjoy.

Fidden Farm Campsite from the Sky

It has now recently been handed down to the 3rd generation in the family in 2021. Myself Lyndsay, Husband Fulton & our 2 children were running a farm on the mainland for 10+ years & it was finally time to join the family business on the Isle of Mull. We are very much Farmers at heart, working the land with our 20 cows and over 600 sheep. We hope to keep up the hard work as my family have done for so many years before us.

We have enjoyed meeting so many amazing characters on our first few years of running the campsite & we are confident we have made the right move for our family to move back home. With listening to feedback, we hope to continue to progress the Farm & Campsite to be the best it can be.